TREE (TUFFSTUFF Rehabilitation of Endangered Ecosystems) is our way of giving back to the future. 

TUFFSTUFF is all about the lifestyle of the outdoors and with issues such as global warming and the current bout of rhino poaching in our very own backyards, we come to the sad realisation that without the “outdoors” we would not be able to enjoy the lifestyle so many 4x4 enthusiasts take pleasure in. Thus TUFFSTUFF have chosen to give back to the future through various projects, and in a small way, leave a legacy for the children of South African, and their children, to enjoy what was once so abundant. 

Currently, TUFFSTUFF is actively involved in the planting of 10 000 Spekboom saplings in the Klein Karoo on behalf of all our 4x4 clients as a counter measure to the carbon emissions produced by their vehicles. Furthermore, these trees are also being utilised for the purpose of preventing further soil erosion in the area, When the 10 000 trees have been planted, TUFFSTUFF will look at other similar projects as an ongoing effort toward the rehabilitation of ecosystems and the absorption of carbon from the atmosphere. 

Another project TUFFSTUFF is involved with, in conjunction with the EWT, is the assistance of rural communities with the development and growth of nurseries with the aim of disseminating indigenous flora in these regions for the re-establishment of degraded ecosystems in their area. There are seven such projects currently being assists by TUFFSTUFF and we are working on expanding TUFFSTUFF’s involvement in these and other future projects of a similar nature.

 in 2010 TUFFSTUFF sponosred the the Green Pages in Leisure Wheels, a leading 4x4 and outdoor lifestyle magazine. This is aimed at getting public to understand the effects of poaching, pollution, habitat destruction and so on, and what is being done about these matters.

In 2011, TUFFSTUFF donated R20 000.00 to the SANParks honorary range program. The SANParks Honorary Rangers is the official SANParks volunteer organisation, functioning according to a memorandum of understanding between SANParks and the Honorary Rangers. They are a registered public benefit and non-profit organisation. They also support the work SANParks does, on various levels, from assisting at entry gates, raising funds for counter poaching activities, assisting in visitor management, and even by giving specialist advice on infrastructure and scientific projects.

And in 2012, TUFFSTUFF in association with Bridgestone and the Bridgestone Fundi Challenge is endorsing environmentally friendly 4x4 driving practices - "Drive as slow as possible - as fast as necessary"