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Circumstances: Medical evacuation from Mozambique & Quad bike damage.

The insured was enjoying the last day of his holiday in Mozambique with his family and relatives. He and his brother were on their way back to ... 

Fact File #1    

Circumstances: International Vehicular mechanical/electrical failure assistance.

 The insured and his family were on holiday in the Caprivi.

On 10 January 2007, he contacted TUFFSTUFF to request assistance in terms of his TUFFSTUFF 4x4 Insurance policy. He advised that his vehicle, a Pajero 3.0GLS, had suffered a mechanical or electrical failure ... Read more

Fact File #2 

Circumstances: Medical evacuation from Tanzania & vehicle write-off.

TUFFSTUFF received a telephone call from Mrs. Quick on 05 January 2006 requesting assistance. She advised that their Landrover Defender had rolled and that she had suffered injury and her husband appeared to be more seriously injured ... Read more

Fact File #3

Circumstances: International vehicle repatriation.

The insured was on his way from Plettenberg Bay to Lusaka in Zambia. Near Chobe in Botswana, the Toyota Landcruiser which the insured was driving, suffered mechanical failure by way on engine seizure ... Read More

Fact File #4

Circumstances: Medical evacuation from Zimbabwe & vehicle write-off.

The insured and his family were on their way to Tanzania via Zimbabwe to visit relatives. During inclement weather, the insured lost control of his Toyota 4x4 Condor which resulted in the vehicle overturning and rolling down a steep incline on the side of the road. This accident happened in the Makuta area of Zimbabwe ... Read more

Fact File #5

Circumstances: Repatriation of vehicle and delivery of hired vehicle to Insured.

On 6 December 2006, the Insured was on his way to the Klagagadi Transfrontier National Park with his guests and family. Approximately 150Kms from the small town of Askham, a tyre fitted the Landrover Defender in which they were traveling, burst causing the 4X4 to roll. ...Read more

Fact File #6

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