TUFFSTUFF 4x4 INSURANCE PRODUCT by ream insurance brokers - fsp NO. 1422

TUFFSTUFF started in 1991 in Botswana.

TUFFSTUFF was conceived one warm summer's evening around a campfire in Botswana. At that time, no specialised insurance product was available to 4x4 owners who ventured into Africa. This is when TUFFSTUFF pioneered, designed and developed the specialised off-road insurance product as it is known in the market today. Call it what you like, off roading, over landing, 4x4-ing, or simply going cross country, if you are serious about the protection you want from your insurance policy then you need TUFFSTUFF. The historical success of this product has firmly placed TUFFSTUFF as the market leader in all aspects of outdoor lifestyle, 4x4 and all insurance products.

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TUFFSTUFF is underwritten by Western National Insurance Company Limited. FSP no. 9465. TUFFSTUFF is administered and marketed by REAM Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd. FSP no. 1422.

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