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TUFFSTUFF Aluminium Underbody Armour

TUFFSTUFF has been around since 1991 and from the very beginning, our roots are firmly and deeply rooted in African soil. TUFFSTUFF are the original 4x4 all-terrain lifestyle and insurance product specialists - be it on-road or off-road. Our staff are 4x4 enthusiasts and have a clear understanding of the demanding conditions our products are expected to work in. We’re currently the sole distributors of RIVAL aluminium and steel accessories for cars, trucks, 4x4s, ATVs, UTVs. The RIVAL GROUP is a time-proven company that develops, manufactures and distributes aluminium and steel-skid plates for a wide range of vehicles, accessories for ATV and 4x4. RIVAL has been successful in promoting their top-quality products to more than 2 000 dealers within Russia and Europe.

The RIVAL PLATE skid plate offers superior protection from running over curbs, rocks, road debris and makes it safe to use in off-road environments. It’s not only a option, but a necessity. It’s not only suitable for off-roaders, hunters, forestry workers, construction companies, tuners, low-riders, but for anyone who wants to protect their loved ones from radiator, transmission or gearbox damage when they are not around to help. It’s 100 percent corrosion resistant, crash tested and certified, three times lighter than steel, features easy installation and maintenance and there’s no drilling required.